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Dragon's Blood Artisan Soap is a gentle, handcrafted soap made from the highest quality organic and natural oils, butters, and high-performance medicinal plants and herbs.

Dragon's Blood Artisan Soap

  • Dragon's Blood is a gentle, natural clenaser that is ideal for all over the body, including the delicate areas of the face and neck. Dragon's Blood, Madder Root, and Pure Organic Cacao Powder contain clinically proven constituents to protect and renew the skin. High levels of antioxidants make this an ideal soap for the face and provides anti-inflammatory relief all over the body. 

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*^, Raw Shea Butter*, Sodium Hydroxide**, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Lavender and Patchouli*, Dragon's Blood^^, Madder Root^^, Cacao Powder*, Natural Vitamin E. 

    *Organic    ^ Fair Trade   ^^Wildcrafted                                                                       **None remains after oils are soaponified into soap and glycerine