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It is our mission to live symbiotically with nature. We do this with integrity, sustainability, and a genuine desire to help others. 

It all started with abused skin, dry, cracked, and bleeding. I am allergic to neosporin, so I needed a natural remedy. I tried everything, but the products were either too greasy or just plain didn't work. After years of research and trial and error, I created Balm Bar for me and my family. I never planned to sell it, but my dad insisted I share my formula for the greater good. After seeing how much Balm Bar has helped people heal, I am so glad I did. I know you will be, too. 


As we grow and expand, it is our goal to become more and more sustainable. Our core values as human beings is to do everything in our power to keep our rivers clean, our land safe, and our air breathable. By buying our products you are supporting a sustainable culture. Enjoy. 

Sarah Michels

Sarah is the creative force behind Infuse Organics. She researches, formulates, tests, and produces all of our handmade products. Sarah enjoys family, climbing, skiing, and exothermic reactions. 

Scott Michels

Scott is an extensive test subject for new and existing Infuse Organics products, and produces all of our beautiful repurposed retail displays. Scott loves getting outside to be active with his family. 

Luella and Esme Michels

Luella and Esme help by picking nasty bugs off our medicinal plants and herbs, harvesting flowers, and offering emotional support to Sarah and Scott. Luella and Esme love to be outside and roll around in the mud. 


We believe that what you put in, you get out. You feel great when you eat healthy, and your body runs efficiently on clean energy. The same goes for how you energize your skin. It is, after all, your  body's largest organ, and absorbs over 50% of what you expose it to. That's why each of our ingredients is meticulously researched for beneficial properties and only the best make the cut. ALL the GOOD, none of the bad. Because you deserve the absolute best. 

Do you feel better with whole, healthy foods? Infuse Organics is the whole grain of skincare.
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