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You need serious first aid for your abused skin. That's why there's Balm Bar. A dynamic, natural solution for at home and in the elements, Balm Bar uses safe, organic, clinically proven ingredients to nourish and protect your skin. Balm Bar stays where you put it, soothes on the spot, and is safe enough for babies and kids. Now that is powerful. Check out the testimonials below!  


Good evening Sarah! You are more than welcome to use my message😁 You're husband was waiting for the retail store manager, so that he could pick up your products that hadn't sold. I was asking about your products and he told me the story about your dad's cracked hands. Needless to say, I was intrigued. I told him how I have had to wear a band aid on my thumb for the past 4 months (possibly longer😐), because no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to heal. I would even put Neosporin on my hands at night, while wearing rubber gloves. I showed your husband my cracked thumb and asked him to stop back before he left. I wanted to buy a small Balm Bar to try. I figured that it couldn't do any worse, right? Well, your husband offered to give me one as a sample so that I could tell others about it. Lol, I think he probably felt sorry for me😉 I actually used it that morning and by the end of the day, my thumb wasn't burning. That night, I put a glob on the crack and covered it with a band aid. By the next morning, my thumb was almost completely healed! All I had to do was show my thumb to several friends. They were amazed!! These are people that had seen how bad it was cracked, so they knew it wasn't a scam or a gimmick. I'm just glad that I happened to be working the morning that your husband stopped in!! Please let him know that I appreciate his kindness and I am more than happy to share your products with anyone that will listen😁 Thanks and have a great evening! -Ruth A Souder

My friend gave me a Balm Bar yesterday and I am already hooked!!!  I have severe cracked and painful skin on my fingers and after only one day with Balm Bar has made a difference. I'll be stocking up quickly!!!  Thank you for making such a wonderful, organic, and safe product.  And it smells fantastic!!!  -Beth Barnett

Sarah, I met you at the Ace Hardware at Kingsdale and tried a Balm Bar. This thing is awesome, I have always wanted something I could rub on my knuckles that get dry and crack in the winter without leaving oily residue on my palms and fingers and this does it! Great product, good work sister! -Ted Stutz

I luckily stumbled upon this product at my local climbing gym. I was just starting out and if anyone has done this you know that when you start your hands get ripped up. This product is amazing! Not too greasy like other products and it lasts a long time. I do a lot of woodworking and yard work as well and Balm Bar has done wonders on my dry skin, cuts, rashes, and everything in between. My girlfriend uses it as a lip balm and was constantly stealing mine so the small size is perfect for her and made a great gift! -David Geier

I want to say thanks to Michels Medicinals for making Balm Bar. This past week I put it through the seven day, Rocky Mountain, ski test and I could not be more happy with the results. It works on wind burn, sun burn, small cuts, all around moisturizer, even as a lip balm. Not to mention this product is all natural and sustainably made. @Urbntimber

The side of my foot cracked open and was super sore…I got Balm Bar, put it on the cut and immediately the pain went away AND oh my gosh the cut is almost completely healed!!!!! -Diane Schubert

This stuff is a miracle on mosquito bites! I put a little Balm Bar on, and within a day the bite is gone! –Lyndsay G. 

I put this on my burn right after I got it, and there was no pain, no problem. Amazing stuff. –Ryan Robinson

I'm telling you I had cracked lips for over a month and NOTHING helped. Not even an organic nipple cream sample I found in my make-up bag haha. I tried a lot of things. SO, your Balm Bar completely healed my lips, like totally healed. Balm Bar is some good $h*t!! -Colleen D. 

I used Balm Bar on my fingers that freeze burned and the blisters never bubbled up. I couldn’t believe how the balm soothed the burning! –Tiffani H.

Hello Michels Medicinals! I am an enthusiastically regular user of your Balm Bar. I had never heard of it before and I stumbled upon it at an outdoor sports shop and I AM HOOKED! I love it. I drive 45 min, one way, just to get this amazing balm! I tell everyone about it! I'm a big fan of all-natural products and this just makes my skin so soft! Balm Bar has done so much good for my skin!  –Kim Ide

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