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You're natural, you're healthy, you GLOW with Face Lace SPF18 Tinted Moisturizer. Raw Cacao, cinnamon, and Wildcrafted herbs Calendula, Dandelion, and Roman Chamomile prevent and reverse damage as we navigate the sun and harsh winds. Take it with you on your next adventure. Put it on before you send your climb, and before you hit the pillow. Perfect for at home and protecting you from harmful UV rays and the elements. And as always, enjoy!

Face Lace

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  • Face Lace is a raw, organic, tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, infused with herbs and cacao to nourish, improve texture and even skin tone. Clinically proven to improve skin health, calendula, dandelion and marshmallow prevent and reverse damage caused by UV rays, pollutants, and toxins. Lavender, frankincense and Roman chamomile soothe and calm the skin and treat conditions to make you glow. Face Lace leaves a smooth matte finish, providing all day moisture and sun protection with just the right amount of pure antioxidant tint.

  • Active Ingredient: Non-Nano Uncoated Zinc Oxide


    Other Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil* Kuikui Nut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Beeswax, Natural Sunflower Tocopherols (Vit. E), Cacao^, Cinnamon, Calendula^, Dandelion^, Marshmallow^, Roman Chamomile^, Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Lavender, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile.  

    * Certified Organic Ingredients  ^Wildcrafted

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